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Larry Christy founded Trendvest Corporation in 1978 to develop an integrated market timing and stock selection system. After an initial five years of research, he was joined by Hans Tauchnitz and Trendvest began publishing its highly accurate investment market and common stock rating service in 1983.

From the beginning, all Trendvest Ratings have had two unique characteristics which contributed to their accuracy and usefulness. First, they are presented on a standardized scale of +300 to -300 points with 0 being average and each 100 points representing one standard deviation from that average. High ratings are bullish and low ratings are bearish. Second, the ratings are based on a self-learning and self-adjusting weighting system which reflects the changing degrees of accuracy of each indicator at different times and under various market conditions. Details of our W.I.S.E. (Weekly Indicator Strength Evaluation) System are contained in the users guide.

The original Trendvest Ratings service covered investment markets and about 1,500 common stocks. It became one of the pioneer electronic investment services when it went online with a full text publication on NewsNet in 1984. In 1987 it added a summary text service on CompuServe and a full menu of text and online programs with Delphi Internet. Trendvest also operated its own BBS server prior to opening its internet service.

Trendvest introduced a Mutual Fund Ratings System in 1992 that uses its common stock ratings to evaluate the actual portfolios held by the mutual funds. It is a totally different approach from most mutual fund publications which base their recommendations on moving averages, betas, or past performance.

Trendvest developed the Custom Analysis System for private investors in 1993 which provides a database of 6,000 common stocks and software for analyzing, rating, screening, and portfolio management. It presents fifty statistics on each company with both absolute and relative price and volume data. Thirty key indicators for analysis and customized ratings are provided on a standardized scale for easy comparison.  All Trendvest services are available only as electronic publications.

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